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Its a busy day for Kyle Uchitel, who is filling orders for memoryxpander.


Kyle Uchitel is busy filling orders of memoryxpander

Kyle Uchitel is working busy to fill orders of memoryxpander

The average brain can only hold about five to seven pieces of information at a time within 30 seconds – this is called working memory. What people usually do to get pass the 30 seconds interval is they re-expose themselves to the information, for instance if you want to remember a 7 digit phone number (seven pieces of information) you’ll have to constantly play the sequence inside your head. Through repetition, you’ll be able to move it away from your working memory to some extent.

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Stay healthy by always taking care of yourself and taking vitamins!

Stay healthy by always taking care of yourself and taking vitamins!

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Please follow our on our key Memory Supplement formula and tips and ways to boost your brain and memory by the founders of MemoryXpander Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser.

Here’s another reason to lose weight: It may improve your memory and concentration, new research suggests.

Scientists know that overweight and obese people are at a greater risk for memory problems and other cognitive disabilities, but the latest study is one of the first to indicate that substantial weight loss improves brain health.

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